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    The Room Lisle
    Job Description
    We are expanding and need some talented gamesters to help run our show.

    Qualities we are looking for:
    1. Responsibility - The right person must take ownership of their shift and The Room by showing up on time and dressed to our cliental’s level with outgoing energy.
    2. Entertainer - The right person should be able to speak in front of crowds up to 40 people. They should be able to keep them focused and read rules, orientation, and give direction in a fun entertaining manner. This is a Fun job!
    3. Pay attention - The right person must pay attention to the guests in the room so they can properly give timely clues that help ad to their experience.
    4. Attention to detail - The right person must be able to put the rooms back together after the guest experience is finished. This must be done exactly the same way every time in a timely manner in order to keep our schedule.
    5. Behind the scene - The right person must keep the rooms, lobby, bathrooms and outside clean and inviting. They must also work as a team with other game masters.
    All our positions are part time right now and we expect at least 3-4 shifts a week at minimum. We have shifts during the day and evening and all day on Saturdays and Sundays, depending on business.
    There can be more opportunity available for the right go getters.
    Please send resume or inquiries to:
    Dave Z at  info@theroomlisle.com
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